3 travel tips for you and your pet!

3 travel tips for you and your pet!

Smells from home

Do line the travel crate with a blanket your pet is familiar with or even put one of your used T-shirts in there. Noting is as comforting as smells of home and their beloved pet parent.

Frozen water

Do freeze water in the bowls you would use in the travel crate. If you are relocating with us, we would already have done that for you. Bringing frozen water containers in a freezer bag. This is to prevent water from spilling out during the check-in.

Crate training

Especially for dogs, we recommend using the lower part of the crate as a bed the weeks following up to the relocation. After some time has passed, the top can be attached and treats can be given in the crate.

And let’s face it, cats don’t crate train well.

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