A few tips for keeping your dogs cool during the hot UAE summer.

A few tips for keeping your dogs cool during the hot UAE summer.

The UAE summer is here again with the temperatures already having gone past 45C some days. So how do you keep your dogs cool and exercised during these hot months?

For walks, go out before sunrise and after sunset, with just a tiny pee break in the middle of the day. The sidewalks and roads will be burning hot, so make sure to use doggie boots for bigger dogs and carry smaller ones to a shaded area for the midday pee.

If you have a garden with real grass or sand areas, that is great. The artificial grass can get extremely hot in the sun, so please do remember that. If you can’t keep the palm of your hand on the ground, neither should your dog’s put their feet there.

There are cooling vests and collars to use during the walks too. Cooling mats are an excellent option to take out if you let your dog in the garden in the early and late hours of the day, just please, do keep an eye on them.

Inform the full family, domestic helpers and anyone that could possibly handle your dog during the warmer months about the dangers of these hot temperatures and that it can happen very suddenly.

Do keep a very careful eye on your dogs, especially the snub-nosed breeds and older dogs that can easily go into heat stroke after just minor exercise in these temperatures.

Keep several bowls of water around the house and also bring extra on the early morning and late evening walks. Give them frozen treats, like marrow bones, for boring days inside.

There are a lot of indoor day-care facilities you can bring your dogs to for some doggie fun runs with friends to get the energy out. Most of the facilities have pick-up and drop-off services.

Signs of heat stroke:

    1. Excessive panting
    2. Restlessness
    3. Discomfort
    4. Excessive drooling
    5. Vomiting
    6. Wobbly movements


If your dog suffers a heat stroke, do not use ice cold water since the body will try to heat itself even more, but rather a tepid bordering on cool and rush to the vet as fast as possible!

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