About Us



JetSet Pet was founded by Jessica Carlsson and is a premier pet location company located in the city of Dubai. Originally from Sweden, where pets are highly cared for and strays are rare, Jessica was devastated to see the number of homeless dogs and cats in the UAE.

Jessica’s love for animals led her to initially create RescueTails, which seeks to help dogs and cats in the UAE get the loving treatment they deserve and eventually find loving families to take them in. Her experience in running RescueTails brought her into contact with the idea of pet relocation.


When she saw just how difficult and expensive it can be to transport a pet to a different location in the world, she knew that something had to be done.

JetSet Pets was born. Functioning as a pet moving company for both rescue pets and everyday pet owners, JetSet Pets is a start to finish pet relocation service. We ensure that the animals are treated with respect, dignity, and love from the moment they’re picked up to the moment they arrive in their new home.

Making moving arrangements for your family is difficult enough as it is. Moving your pet shouldn’t be a source of stress for you. Let us handle every aspect of the travel arrangements, ensuring that your pet arrives safe, sound and happy.