Boarding & Veterinaries

Pet Flights

There are times when you’re flying ahead of your pet and need a warm, loving place for your family member to stay. We’ve partnered with the areas leading boarding facilities for both cats and dogs and can handle every part of the booking process for your pet flights. We can even get you a discounted price! Or a larger space for the same amount.

Pet Courier Service

Because we are committed to offering the absolute best service for both you and your pets, we only partner with the absolute best in the business. You can be assured that your pet will both be loved and receive the highest quality of care.

Our independent status, plus the fact that we have extensive experience working with veterinarians as part of our rescue animals efforts, gives us a unique advantage compared to other pet relocation companies. We have worked with the most reliable clinics in the United Arab Emirates and are able to choose the veterinary clinic that best suits you and your pet.