Measure your pet

How To Measure Your Pet Correctly

In order to determine the best travelling experience for your pet, it’s essential that we know its size. After all, you don’t want your beloved family member put into a travel crate that’s too small and uncomfortable.

Your pet must travel in an IATA approved travel crate to ensure both its safety and comfort. If you don’t own a travel crate or are unsure which size will best fit your pet, we can help you choose the one that is the most appropriate.

At the time of booking, simply provide us with your pet’s measurements. This will prevent any unexpected issues from cropping up.

IATA Approved Travel Crates Requirements

What should you look for in an IATA approved travelling crate for your pet? Airlines advise that your travelling pet should have enough space to stand up, lay down, move freely, as well as eat and drink while inside the crate.

There must be ventilation on all four sides of the crate and your pet must be able to stand without touching their head against the top of the crate. The crate must also have a leak-proof bottom to prevent liquids from spilling out of the crate. Food and water bowls must be accessible from outside the crate.

The Need To Measure Correctly

If you measure your pet incorrectly, it can result in the wrong crate size being chosen for your pet. Because airfreight price depends upon the overall volume of the travel crate, this can result in unnecessary expenses on your part.

JetSet Pets can supply you with all the IATA approved travel crate sizes. If you prefer, we can also custom build a carrier crate from wood for your pet. This could actually save you money since a dachshund and a golden retriever might be the same length but are certainly not the same height.

Please follow the below diagram regarding how to measure your pet correctly: