Who is behind JetSet pets?

Who is behind JetSet pets?

Most of you have had contact either on the phone or by email with Jessica, JetSets Pets founder.

So how did JetSet Pets come about? The ones of you with a connection to the animal rescue world might recognise her, but for the ones that don’t, here is an introduction.

Jessica is behind the animal rescue rescuetails.ae and has worked tirelessly to save the lives of hundreds of dogs and cats. With more rescues than homes here in the UAE, she started to look for homes abroad. The rescues started flying all over the world to their forever homes, and so the idea of JetSet Pets was born.

As an animal rescuer, you also see the side of pet relocation where exorbitant fees result in pets being left behind, hence we strive to be one of the most affordable pet relocators.

You will also know, having us handle your pet’s relocation, you would be giving back to less fortunate animals. With such a big experience handle even the most nervous and scared pets, we can assure you, your pets are in the best hands possible.

If you are not already following Jessica on Instagram, please do, rescuetails.ae is her account.

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